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Traveling Lighter into the New Year

Dec 30th, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 0

Image by Nikki L. Wandering through the antique shop aisles, I run my eyes over the glass cases filled with Eastern Star rings, tortoise shell hair combs, tarnished crosses, and pocket watches inscribed on the back with “Love Forever” and “Until the End of Time.” On the wall, a framed, hand-embroidered picture depicts a cozy […]

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Deer Memories

Dec 2nd, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 2

Image by Aunt Owwee My eyes shift quickly to the left side of the road as I round the sharp curve, drawn to a boy dressed in hot orange, standing in stark contrast to the dull December browns of the Pennsylvania fields. Three more men flash by my window at sixty-yard intervals, each in orange […]

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Tears for an Old Friend

Oct 13th, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 1

Image by StarbuckGuy “You should be calling your old friends,” my husband reminded me a couple of times in the days before we loaded up the Buick for a trip south to Fredericksburg. He was right, but procrastination, or maybe premonition, prevailed, and after seven hours on the road, we pulled into the Fredericksburg Hospitality […]

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Japan: With Eyes Wide Open

Aug 3rd, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 0

Image by hII!H I promise to never again ask my husband why he is taking another picture out an airplane window! I finally realize that each time he flies; he recovers, at least for a few moments, a child-like curiosity and wide-eyed wonder of what he sees. You can’t always tell when those moments will […]

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Locking Keys in the Car – Another True Story

Jul 5th, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 2

Image by ptofnoretrn77 “Rats, I’ve really done it this time. Gary’s not going to believe this!” I started the long walk up the hill, imagining his reaction to my latest fiasco as I stared into the darkness ahead of me. “You locked the key in the van when you stopped at the mailbox?” He asked. […]

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Top 15 List of Farm Smells

Jun 29th, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 0

Image by supergiball As I sat on the picnic bench in front of the Sundae Time in Troy savoring the small waffle cone of raspberry swirl, another familiar smell caught my attention. I lifted my head and sucked in the aroma and for a moment felt the heart-tug of my childhood memories. Oh, the sweet […]

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Japan and Korea on $8 a Day

Jun 5th, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 1

Image by tamaki “Here, take this. I won’t need it when I get to Japan,” I said to my husband right before going through security at the airport. I handed him $300 in cash and my personal credit card, gave him a kiss and hug, and thus began my seventh business trip to Asia. International […]

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Saying Good-bye to My Brother

May 31st, 2008 by Diane Seymour | 5

Image by Geek2Nurse My brother died young. He struggled with schizophrenia, and after years of legal drugs, chain-smoking, and lack of exercise, his heart protested and he was gone at forty-six. Suddenly, I became an only child and the empty space around me felt overwhelming. Filling that space took a long time, but the journey […]

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