Mutton Comes Home Again

Aug 24th, 2010 by Diane Seymour | 1

Mutton, the best cat that has ever lived and will ever live died last night.  (See A Cat Story).  The vet handed his still-warm body back to me so that Gary and I could take him home for the last time.  We cried and held hands during the six-mile ride.  Once home, we pulled the soft towel away just far enough to take one last look at his smoke-gray fur and curled up paws.  Today, we’ll bury him in the corner of the field outside my kitchen window and shed more tears.

For fifteen years, he’s made us smile with his calm and trusting ways.  His life is woven tightly into our family memories of all those years, so he’s sure to come home to us often and especially during family gatherings.  Mutton on mole watch at the edge of the field, Mutton battling with my mom for a spot on the couch, Mutton on the pump room concrete begging for a brushing, Mutton …

Mutton (AKA Mutton-Man, Tubby, Tubman, T, T-Man)
Loved by all who knew him
1995 – 2010

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  1. Tyler said:

    Rest in peace, Tubby. You will be missed..

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