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Life’s Questions from the Front Porch

May 14th, 2016 by DeeCee | 0

A year ago today, I sat on my father’s porch on Sugar Hill for two hours, content after a noontime meal of grilled hot dogs, Campbell’s baked beans, and macaroni salad from Connie’s Market. He liked to cook for me, and I always enjoyed the step-back-in-time warmth of eating off the well-worn melmac plates of […]

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Saying Goodbye to My Mother

Dec 6th, 2014 by DeeCee | 0

My mother surrendered to lung cancer in June, but spent three more months under its brutal control before its final release. In July, while her mind was still good, I tried a couple of times to talk about what was coming, but she teared up and shook her head. So, we passed each day together […]

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I Love You Bunches

Aug 24th, 2014 by DeeCee | 2

My mother planned to leave home one night last week.  She packed eight pairs of socks, two sweaters, the TV remote, and her address book.  By the time she reached the door to her room, she had forgotten where she was going. Home is the Wyalusing Valley Retirement and Personal Care Home where she waits […]

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Still Blue

Apr 29th, 2012 by DeeCee | 0

Image by cdsessums My heart races faster as I walk into that off-limits place once full of joy and now only sadness. My tears well up slowly when I touch the soft cotton shirts with their dinosaurs, baseballs, and bears. My tears roll slowly down as I reach for the bright blue truck just waiting […]

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Joe Paterno: Give Us Time to Mourn

Nov 13th, 2011 by DeeCee | 0

Image by pennstatelive I’ve listened for over a week now as the media has crucified Penn State students, alumni, and fans as uncaring and out of touch with the rest of the country.  Why are so many supporting Joe Paterno when he apparently failed to follow up on the abuse?  Why are they upset about […]

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Mutton Comes Home Again

Aug 24th, 2010 by DeeCee | 1

Mutton, the best cat that has ever lived and will ever live died last night.  (See A Cat Story).  The vet handed his still-warm body back to me so that Gary and I could take him home for the last time.  We cried and held hands during the six-mile ride.  Once home, we pulled the […]

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On Growing Old

Jul 20th, 2010 by DeeCee | 0

Image by MemaNH (busy) “They’re all dead,” he finally concluded with as much irritation as sadness in his voice. I drove a couple more miles on the narrow blacktop in silence, passing another old farmhouse; sorry to let it go by without introduction.  He spoke first. “Guess they’re all dead now except Old Joe.” My […]

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Lanny Potter at the East Portal

Feb 21st, 2010 by DeeCee | 0

Even after thirteen years without him, my brother can still sometimes bring me to tears. (See Saying Good-bye). I just found this photo taken of him in San Francisco in the mid seventies. He looks so healthy and happy on this day. Was he? I wonder who captured this moment on film.

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Saving Money – It’s All in How You Slice the Spam

Aug 14th, 2009 by DeeCee | 2

Image by roboppy I thought of my great-Aunt Belle the other day while frying Spam. She spent all of her long life in the northeastern hills of Pennsylvania busily cooking, gardening, teaching, living. Starting when I was about six and continuing for the next seven years, I made an almost daily trek the half-mile to […]

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Traveling Lighter into the New Year

Dec 30th, 2008 by DeeCee | 0

Image by Nikki L. Wandering through the antique shop aisles, I run my eyes over the glass cases filled with Eastern Star rings, tortoise shell hair combs, tarnished crosses, and pocket watches inscribed on the back with “Love Forever” and “Until the End of Time.” On the wall, a framed, hand-embroidered picture depicts a cozy […]

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